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Who we are, what we do, and why you should care.

Insurance, mortgages and KiwiSaver…boring stuff right? We don’t think so, which is why our goal is to guide you through these things with care, to take the hassle and “boring-ness” out of the equation.

Your family is important to us, we want to see you financially stable and protected against whatever life can throw at you. Ernie and Mike (a father/son team) are the main advisers at Riverstone, a company founded on Ernie’s 50 years of experience in the Insurance industry. Ernie was a founder of the Sovereign and Onepath insurance companies and Mike has been learning the importance of protecting life as we love it from Ernie his whole life. Between the two of them, there is more than 60 years experience to draw from.

When you work with Rivestone, you work directly with Ernie or Mike.

  • Thinking about buying or refinancing your home?

  • Do all the options just confuse you?

  • Ever feel like banging your head against a wall?

  • Overloaded with too much information?

  • Unsure how to protect your family against life’s most unexpected events?

Look no further!

✓ A father & son team based in Auckland and Ohakune

✓ Let Ernie & Mike take that headache & stress away from you!

FREE no obligation informal chat at a time & place to suit YOU, nowhere is too far.

Ensuring YOU get the correct mortgage structure for your home or investment and what a BONUS! Ernie & Mike do all the boring stuff so you don’t have to. How fabulous is that?

Working with all the main banks and dozens of non-bank lenders ensures you will get a tailor-made  home loan package that specifically suits your needs.

After that, you will want to protect your family, we can help you get the right type of insurance to protect you and your loved ones, just in case.

Even better, our advice is FREE, so call us to get you sorted!

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  • Dear Mike, Just wanted to thank you for persevering  with me and my family. We are now the happy owners of a house and mother moves in at the end of the month. Kind regards Rebecca 


  • We couldn't be happier with our mortgage set up by Mike. When we first met with him to discuss our mortgage, his projections sounded too good to be true. But in 6 months, we have already made substantially more headway in repaying our debt than we did in 9-10 months on our previous mortgage set up by the bank. Having a loan structured tailored to us with the addition of the revolving credit facility has made such a difference. It seems actually achievable that we can pay off our loan in 9-10 years, rather than 25+ years on our previous mortgage. Not to mention that our new repayments are less than before. We have recommended Mike to everyone we know.

    Lily and Andy

  • I took out medical and related insurance October 2013 with the help of Riverstone. My health was squeaky clean. May 2014 I had a potential major health scare. I called Riverstone, they just took complete charge of the insurers, my job was to see the best specialists available. I was not concerned for my financial future as the recommendations Riverstone had put to me meant I just had to focus on getting well.


  • Hi,               Thanks for your advice . I now save a Good $550.00 per month [into KiwiSaver], so will be rich old bugger when I retire. You have a great night.


  • I contacted Riverstone in desperation after many frustrating months of trying (and failing) to transfer my Superannuation Funds in Australia to my Kiwisaver Account in New Zealand. Suky at Riverstone, who provides Kiwisaver Services offered me the option of letting her and the team sort it all and indeed did with fast, efficient & professional service as now the funds have transferred, finally! Suky was efficient, very friendly and owns a great sense of humour. I am eternally grateful and have lots of appreciation for Suky and the team for their services on my behalf. I would highly recommend to any that may need assistance in the same vein to contact Riverstone for Kiwisaver services from the outset. They will make it happen!

    Vanessa - Hamilton

  • A few years ago we didn't ever think we'd be able to afford to buy our own home. Never mind actually being able to pay it off before we retire. We aren't on huge wages and didn't actually think we'd ever be able to get ahead. Riverstone sat down with us and took all the time they needed to work out a budget for us, understand our needs and our situation and then gave us a mortgage programme that would actually have us mortgage free in just over 10 years! We didn't think it was possible or that the bank would go for it. They got us a great deal at the bank and it was totally painless. We couldn't believe how easy the whole process was and now we have a future! We have plans that we never thought we'd have. We may even own 2 homes before we retire at this rate!

    Steve and Julie