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Admin and Management

Ernie Uganecz


Ernie has had a passion for the insurance industry for the last 45 years and is our benchmark for client care. Ernie has worked all around the world in the insurance industry and was one of the founders of two of the largest insurance companies in New Zealand, Sovereign Assurance and Club Life (now Onepath). The fact that he now owns a small family-run business dealing directly with clients shows that helping people is where his passion is. Ernie is also passionate about mentoring our advisers and demonstrating to them how to care for our clients.




But who is Ernie really? Ernie is an adventurer, he first came to New Zealand from Canada in 1966 on his OE and met his future wife. Yes, they got married and left NZ for a while but the dream was always to come back. In 1988 they finally did come back and are here to stay. He is still an avid skier and enjoys spending time in Ohakune waiting for the snow to be just right.




Ernie is still actively engaged with our clients and finds his energy from meeting and talking to our clients. Anyone that has met Ernie, knows he’s not short of an interesting story! 

Michael Uganecz

General Manager

Mike has been in this industry long enough to know that we actually help people in quite profound ways. “I really do believe that our job is to help and advise people, to make their lives happier and more secure”. Mike will always try to give you the real story, tell you the straight facts and make sure you understand.




But who is Mike really? He’s a father of great teenagers, a caring friend, a loving partner, a photographer, a fisherman, a lover of travel. He likes to balance his dedication to his job with spending time with friends and family, relaxing and enjoying life. His mum is a Kiwi and Dad is Canadian and he’s lived all over the world, but New Zealand will always be home. Mike says “My accent confuses people! But don’t be confused by the fact that I always put clients first. I will always try to help wherever I can.”

Jennifer Uganecz

Admin Assistant

Jen helps out in the office, updating client files, and helping follow up with clients. Plus, it’s also nice to have your mum around the office!
Jen was born and raised in Tauranga, where much of her family still lives. When not helping in the office Jen devotes much of her time to her grandchildren, whether it’s skiing with her 12 year twin grandsons or teaching her 16 year old granddaughter how to drive. Jen is also a great cook and provides many family dinners!