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Latest News

Breaking News – Reserve Bank Makes it Easier for Homebuyers

November 28, 2018

This morning the Reserve Bank announced it would be making it easier for homebuyers to get loans with deposits of less than 20% in the new year.

Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr says,

“both mortgage credit growth and house price inflation have eased to more sustainable rates, reducing the riskiness of banks’ new housing lending. In response, we are easing our loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions on banks’ new mortgage loans. If banks’ lending standards are maintained we expect to further ease LVR restrictions over the next few years.”

From 1 January 2019:

Up to 20 percent (increased from 15 percent) of new mortgage loans

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House Volumes up, interest rates down – Things are getting exciting!

We’ve all seen the news, and it’s pretty exciting at the moment.

In an article on interest.co.nz, REINZ was quoted with the following statistics:

The REINZ recorded 6791 residential property sales throughout the country in October, up 15.5% compared to October last year, providing a reasonably buoyant start to the crucial summer sales period.

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Market Watch: What just happened to my KiwiSaver balance?

Market Watch: What just happened to my KiwiSaver balance?


This article by Liam Dann in the NZ Herald is a good reminder of how to approach your KiwiSaver investment. While Liam doesn ‘t say it in the text of the article, in the video his message clearly is “Don’ t panic! It ‘s a long term investment” Here’ s the article:

Every good horror film has a final fright, usually just when you thought it was over.

If you ‘ve checked your KiwiSaver balance in the last week you may well have had that scare?

So how bad was it? Why did markets freak out in October and will they be bouncing back?

The slump through October was actually the worst sell-off the world had seen in seven years, says Pie Funds chief executive Mike Taylor.

Wall Street’ s S&P-500 ended off 6.8 per cent

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To Fix or Float?

To Float or Fix: The Million Dollar Question
By Mike UganeczWhen we put together our structured loans, it?s always a carefully thought out mixture of fixed and floating loans. We keep an eye on what the market and interest rates are doing and put a strategic package together that balances between getting the lowest

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I’m so busy Syndrome

An interesting article for ?crazy busy? people, as 2016 will be busier than ever. Wallace Chapman gives good tips about ?un-busying? your life.

The modern ‘I’ m so busy ‘ syndrome and what it really means

There was a time when you had to stay busy to stay alive. Firewood didn’ t collect itself. Food did not present itself to you on a pristine supermarket shelf. It ran away from you and it had to be

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How to Save Money on your Mortgage

Last updated?08:39, September 12 2015
By Susan Edmunds

Put away your crystal balls and apply some strategic thinking to your loans.

OPINION: Interest rates have been the big talking point of the past 10 days.

First, BNZ sparked this year ‘s spring mortgage rates war when it rolled out a record low one-year rate of 4.35 per cent.

Then ASB matched it.

That was followed by the Reserve Bank’ s announcement that, as predicted, it was cutting the official cash rate to 2.75

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Blog – Pharmac Funding

Have you seen the headlines lately about the lack of funding by Pharmac for the “wonder drug” Keytruda? There are some truly heart wrenching stories from people who just won ‘t survive their battle with melanoma and related cancers. It can seem quite hopeless when we don’ t have affordable access to the drug that may help us survive. So what are our options?

There are options!

The first thing we

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