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“How can you help my business?”

Financial Advice for Business OwnersBusiness ownership is a risky venture, but it’s all about managing those risks. You’ve worked tirelessly to build a successful business and you wouldn’t dare leave things to chance…would you?

Risk Management

Client: I own a small business and have 2 business partners. We’ve done really well over the past few years and the business is worth a considerable amount of money. But still, cash-flow is always tight and the 3 of us do so much in the business that if one of us wasn’t able to work, we’d really struggle to get everything done and keep the money coming in. It’s become a big scary monster! I know we need to protect ourselves but I have no idea what we need to do. We have the building and equipment insured, but is there anything else we need to do?

Adviser: There is so much that can be done to protect the business itself, protect your ownership in the company and protect your family in case something happens to your valuable stake in the business.

It’s a complex situation, but we have advisers who are specifically skilled in analysing your business needs and presenting you with a solution to protect it all. We can even look at reducing your ACC levies. Most businesses don’t know that there are options with ACC and 95% of businesses are on the wrong ACC option.

Employee Benefits Package

Have you ever considered whether you are getting a return on the investment in your employees? Yes, you are investing in your employees everyday with things like their KiwiSaver contribution, and you probably have never considered if you are getting a return on that. We can put a package together where we will “market” your company to your employees to show them how much you invest in them and how you care about them, giving you more satisfied and loyal employees.

The best part is this may not cost you anything extra!!!

Small Business Solutions

“We are just a small business, what are some of the things you can do for us?”

We will put together a comprehensive plan from a range of products that suits your business makeup. The plan can include products that:

  • provide a cash injection should a key person or shareholder pass away or suffer an injury or illness. This can protect your business by ensuring that there is enough money available to buy the shares of a business partner who has passed away of is unable to work again. This means that the business can stay solely in the hands of the remaining business partners. It also means that the affected family will get the full value of their shares should something unexpected happen,
  • prevents major interruption to your business by covering the cost of continuing your business in the absence of a key person, whether it’s permanent or temporary.
  • protects your debt in the case there are personal guarantees you have made for business loans, so that those loans can be paid immediately and your personal assets remain safe.