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Our process

“What exactly do you do for me and how do you do it?”

“What can I expect when I meet with a Riverstone Adviser?”

Firstly, we want all our clients to know that our main goal is to make sure that you get good quality advice from us and that you feel like you are in control of the process and not being sold to. We never want you to feel under pressure to make a decision. If our whole goal is to make sure you feel happier and more secure, then pressuring you to make a sale wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

It’s important that our clients know how we do our job and what our internal mission statement is, or as we call it, our brand essence.

“Show you Care”

This statement is behind everything we do. We measure every action we take against this statement. Whether it’s sending you an email, talking to you on the phone, or doing a review for you. We always measure our success by asking ourselves “Did I show that I cared?”

Here’s the process we follow. It’s called a 6-step Process and it’s something that is recognised by the insurance and mortgage adviser industry as the process we need to follow to ensure our clients get the best quality advice and service possible.

The 6-Step  Advice Process