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Blog – Pharmac Funding

Have you seen the headlines lately about the lack of funding by Pharmac for the “wonder drug” Keytruda? There are some truly heart wrenching stories from people who just won’t survive their battle with melanoma and related cancers. It can seem quite hopeless when we don’t have affordable access to the drug that may help us survive. So what are our options?

There are options!

The first thing we talk to our clients about is private health cover. All of the providers that we work with provide cover that will pay for non-Pharmac funded drugs. This means that even if Pharmac will not pay, you could have the drug treatment partially or fully paid for.?

The second thing is a good Trauma or Critical Illness insurance plan. If you are diagnosed with cancer, you can get a lump sum payment, in the amount that you chose when you took the policy, which you can use for whatever you wish. Pay for that experimental new drug, travel overseas to see the best specialist or just tick some things off you bucket list. The choice is yours.

I think the key message is to educate yourself on the options you do have and make some considered choices on what sort of options you want available to you if the unthinkable does happen. You don’t have to rely entirely on Pharmac funding.

If you don’t already have private medical cover or want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 001 787 or email me at mike@riverstone.kiwi